Policy Library

Maryville Policy Library

Welcome to the Policy Library for Maryville University. This centralized collection enables users to easily locate the policies governing Maryville University. Students, employees, third-party vendors, and visitors are responsible for adhering to all Maryville University policies and procedures detailed in this Policy Library and other institutional documents. Where appropriate, readers are referred to another document or publication for further information.

All statements in this Policy Library reflect the approved policies of Maryville University at the time of publication. Maryville University reserves the right to change any of the statements, procedures, fees, or conditions contained herein without prior notice. All changes will be duly published in electronic or other form.

To access specific policies, locate the area of interest and click on the heading to be taken to a detailed listing of relevant policies. Some policies may require University credentials to be accessed. Questions about University policies should be referred to the appropriate office(s) as listed in the applicable policy. If an individual is unable to determine the appropriate office, contact the Policy Administrator at compliance@rrzhe.net.

Enrollment and Academic Policies

Policies pertaining to academic programs, admissions, transfer of credit, tuition, financial aid, grades, and other academic-related processes.

Campus Health & Safety Policies

Policies related to providing a safe and productive learning environment for students, employees, and visitors.

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies

Policies governing nondiscrimination, equal opportunity, harassment, retaliation, Title IX, disability accommodations, and related complaint resolution procedures.

Privacy Policies

Policies governing the privacy of student records, health information, and identity theft prevention.

Information Technology Policies

Policies pertaining to intellectual property, information systems, instructional technology, network services, telecommunications, and other technology related issues.

Student Policies

Policies applicable to students. Login credentials may be required.

Employment Policies

Policies applicable to all University employees. Login credentials may be required.

Staff Employment Policies

Faculty Policies

Research Policies

Maryville engages in various research activities requiring Policies pertaining to academic research activities.

Media Policies

Policies for external and internal media partners.